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Short biography of the author

Dragan Nikolic photo I am a chemical engineer specialised in process systems engineering, design of modelling languages and scientific software development (c++, python). I graduated at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia and received my PhD from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Macedonia, Greece.

After graduation, I worked for five years in the pilot plant of a pharmaceutical company Galenika ad (Belgrade, Serbia), three years as a Marie Curie Fellow at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), and as a Postdoctoral/Research Fellow at the Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), and University of Limerick (Ireland).

My research interests revolve around the process systems engineering:

  • Mathematical modelling, simulation, optimisation and parameter estimation
  • Design of domain specific and modelling languages
  • Scientific software development
  • High performance computing
  • Numerical methods

I carried out the research in several fields:

  • Scale-up of chemical reactors and crystallisation processes
  • Meshfree CFD methods (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics)
  • Laser-based flow visualisation and measurements methods (PIV, LIF)
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
  • Membrane systems for gas separations
  • Hydrogen storage reactors
  • Renewable energy (thermo-electric generation using phase-change materials)
  • Heat transfer and heat exchangers
  • Neural networks