8. TutorialsΒΆ

Basic Tutorials

The Basic Tutorials illustrate the fundamental modelling concepts in DAE Tools, discontinuous equations and state transition networks, user-defined schedules, simulation options, use of data reporter, data receiver and log objects, DAE and LA solvers, interoperability with NumPy, support for discrete systems, external functions, thermophysical property packages and variable constraints.

Advanced Tutorials

The Advanced Tutorials illustrate the advanced DAE Tools features such as solution of the discretized population balance equations using high resolution upwind schemes with flux limiter, modelling of lithium-ion battery based on porous electrode theory, interactive operating procedures, code-generation/co-simulation/model-exchange capabilities.

Code Verification Tests

Code Verification Tests using the Method of Exact Solutions and the Method of Manufactured Solutions.

Finite Element Tutorials

The Finite Element Tutorials illustrate the support for finite element method in DAE Tools through the deal.II library.

Chemical Engineering Examples

The Chemical Engineering Examples illustrate various chemical engineering problems solved by DAE Tools.

Sensitivity Analysis Examples

Sensitivity Analysis Examples using the local and global sensitivity analysis methods:

  • Derivative-based method (local)
  • Elementary Effects method (Moris)
  • Variance based methods (FAST and Sobol)

OpenCS Examples

The OpenCS Examples illustrate the capabilities of the OpenCS framework (using Python wrappers).

Optimisation Tutorials

The Optimisation Tutorials illustrate DAE Tools capabilities to solve NLP/MINLP optimisation and parameter estimation problems.

Chemical Engineering Optimisation Examples

The Chemical Engineering Optimisation Examples illustrate various chemical engineering optimisation problems solved by DAE Tools. This section contains 5 Constrained Optimization Problem Set (COPS) optimisation, parameter estimation and optimal control tests.

The full list of tutorials: